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We have a new College and Career Readiness platform to help you with your college and career goals.  It is a great tool to use.  It will help you with:
  • career interests
  • college searches
  • play the game of life
  • internship matching
  • resume building
  • scholarships
  • testing
You can MESSAGE me through SchooLinks if you:
  • have any questions about your grades, attendance, or classes
  • need to make an appointment to see me
Always check your personal SchooLinks account for your To Do List.  I will post scholarships for you to work on.  
In a few weeks, you will be able to access your test scores and your updated gpa and ranks!
I need for all of you to complete your Student Onboarding - Find Your Path Activities!
Student Onboarding is a one-time welcome experience that requires completion of the Find Your Path (Career Interest Inventory) assessment.