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Testing Information

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The Texas Success Initiative Assessment is the state-mandated placement test (Texas Education Code 51.3062) that Texas public institutions must use to determine a student's readiness for college-level courses.  In order for your child to take Dual-Credit classes he/she must take and pass the required TSIA2. 
Passing scores for the TSIA2: 
945-990 with an Essay of 5-8    OR     910-944 with a Diagnostic Level of 5-6 & an Essay of 5-8
950-990 OR  910-949 with a Diagnostic Level of 6
*Students will be notified via email of upcoming TSIA2 testing dates. Once they have chosen a testing date they must complete the TSIA2 Pre-Assessment (https://practice.accuplacer.org/login )  and forward their completion email to either Mrs. Marlene Maldonado OR Mrs. Stephanie Canales.  A pre-assessment is required before students will be allowed to take the TSIA2.*